Learn Greek Online via Skype Lessons.   Using Skype courses you don`t have to leave your home and you can save time. Also you don't need to live in Greece, you can be everywhere in the world using just your internet connection.

My name is Nikolaos Dimopoulos. I am a Native Speaker of Greek who was teaching Greek in the Jagiellonian University of Krakow in Poland for the last 4 years. I am teaching Greek online since 5 years. My academic experience in teaching Greek as well as my effective methods guaranty you fast learning . But the most important is that we can have the lessons in English or Russian or Polish becasue I am fluent in those languages as well. I have a lot of Greek language learning material , so you will not need to buy any book or extra material . I will just provide you with all the material you need . If you are a beginner I will focus on getting you to speak Greek with confidence within a year. I teach correct pronunciation , becasue to me its vital that my students speak with the correct accent .

The price for 1 hour of lesson is 18 € or 24 $ depending on your currency . Payments are done via Bank Transfer or Paypal .