Save Time and Money !
Having your lessons via Skype means that you can relax in the comfort of your own place or stay in your office and dedicate one hour for your Greek lesson.
Using Skype you don`t have to leave your home and you can save time . You can live everywhere in the world, all you need is just your internet conenction !
My Teaching Approach
I take into consideration the needs of each student, because each individual has a different way that learns better, so for each of my students I have a different approach , based in their needs and their way of learning better. Someone needs to focus more on conversation , another more on grammar. Someone remembers words easier , another needs more repetition of those words and more exercises focused on remembering and memorizing words . So for each of you I will have the appropriate learning strategy to cover your needs and guarantee you fast learning
At home, the student is given exercises related to each lesson and an interactive vocabulary set to practice and listen to the new words.
Finally the books and all the material such as handouts, relative websites etc are sent prior to the lesson via skype or email. The reading material is in Word, PDF or JPEG files.